Old San Juan Defenses

WALKING TOURS INFORMATION: Meeting at Plaza Colón in Old San Juan, you can enjoy from a variety of different walking tours to pick. Each tour is approximately 3 hours long walking around the historical city. We start the tours at 3:00pm so the sun isn’t as strong and you can see the beautiful sunset over the […]

African Roots

Description: In a short 15-minute drive to the town, you’ll learn about one of the most important cultural heritages of what makes a Puerto Rican. Visit the most important forest in the metropolitan area, have a mesmerizing view of the beach along the road, visit a historical cave, listen to the bomba music and see […]

Ponce (Don Q and Museum)

Description: A 1.5-hour drive to the town that gave life to the south of the island. We’ll visit the renowned Ponce Art Museum, the center of the town where the historical church and fire station is. Have lunch and then taste the infamous ice creams of the town center. From there we’ll visit the historical […]

Bacardi & Old San Juan

A history overdose. In just a 20-minute drive we’ll arrive to the distillery of the most famous rum in the world. You’ll try one of their iconic cocktails and learn about the history of the Bacardi rum. Then it’s off to visit the San Cristobal Fort (the biggest fort in Puerto Rico) to learn about […]